Hello there delectable delicious deviants.

I am a beginner Burlesque Performer, Connoisseur of the Carnal, Queen of Coquetry.
I aim to break into the glamour and expose the light and the dark's, the camaraderie, the gore, the glitz and the obscure.

I will be regularly posting my progress in the industry, discussing the music, the fashion, the art, the venues in my Blog here

Lady Viviane Mae: Viviane means life, and to me refers to the Lady of the Lake, giving Arthur the Sword, also referencing Viviane Westwood, punk designer extraordinaire and also Vivienne, Angelina Jolie's daughter. I also was reading Anais Nin's short story 'The Basque and Bijou" and came across wonderful imagery of a woman named Viviane, washing herself. Mae is from the Magical Mae West.

I hope to be a Catalyst to Carnality, A Sensual Huntress who will amuse, entertain, inspire and make you think.  

Welcome to the Lady Viviane Mae.